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Urgent service and Maintenance

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About Us

ON Maskin AB

"You local machine service partner on CNC-machines and machine tools/industrial machines."

Our customers are mainly in the Mälardal region, but also in the rest of Sweden.

Our service technicians are locally located in Central Sweden to quickly serve our customers and to minimize distance costs.

We can supply complete solutions regarding machine service and machine renovations both mechanically and with the control system changes. Services We can supply are machine electricals, mechanics, electronics skills and competence on most machine control systems. We also have the construction of new CAD drawings regarding electric drawings, etc. And this at a favorable price.

Our customers get quick help with remedial troubleshooting We can usually be quickly in place and make troubleshooting.

ON maskin AB

Our workshop

Our workshop is centrally located in Köping near E18. It is fully adapted for the purpose, so we can bring in machines for full / part renovations also perform spider renovations.

We also renovate chucks and tensioning cylinders for customers throughout Sweden, these can also be sent to us

A department is adapted for the manufacture of customized electrical cabinets / automation facilities.

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