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service och Maintenance

Preventive maintenance

To prevent expensive production stops many of our customers have chosen to get their machines served regularly. This service is usually adapted after the customer’s request.

We go through lubrication systems, strickles, battery backup, machine protection, gaps and security facilities. Tensioning force measurements of spindle and control of the machine also, as well as oil and filter exchanges according to the machine producers recommendations.

Protocols are left on performed service!

ON maskin AB

Our workshop

Our workshop is centrally located in Köping near E18. It is fully adapted for the purpose, so we can bring in machines for full / part renovations also perform spider renovations.

We also renovate chucks and tensioning cylinders for customers throughout Sweden, these can also be sent to us

A department is adapted for the manufacture of customized electrical cabinets / automation facilities.

Acute Service

Troubleshooting and Repair


Prevent Production Stop

Machine geometry

Control and action included

Machine renovation

With spare parts